Birthday Collection

This year Minna Parikka celebrates her 40th birthday and the brand's 15-year journey. To celebrate her big four'o, she has designed something special for all bunny lovers. These treats are available for a limited time only, and to make this birthday even more special you can now shop them 20% off. The campaign is valid from 3rd of April until Minna's birthday on 6th of April 11:59 PM (UTC+2).

Bling away in the cutest kicks

Hop on to new adventures with sparkle on every step you take

It's My Party (and you're invited)

Minna’s confidence and stubborn persistence have finally taken her where she is now - celebrating a 15-year career as an artist, successful businesswoman and footwear visionary. Through tears and triumphs, it’s her party – and you’re invited.

Birthday Celebration

Join our birthday celebration on Monday 6th of April! We're doing a birthday live on our Instagram 13-13:30 PM, and now's your chance to ask Minna anything in the world, or just congratulate her for being 40 and awesome.

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