Minna's World

The Helsinki-based Minna Parikka brand was founded in 2005, an adventure in surreal styling, eccentricity and playfulness that prizes quality and attention to detail. Iconic designs from a beloved brand are like dreams made real, stories waiting to be told.

The Designer

Behind all these magical shoes there is one extraordinary woman. Designer Minna Parikka creates over 50 new designs a year, encouraging all women to explore fashion with a sense of fun and fearlessness. Minna’s unconventional and iconic world has allowed countless women to express their true selves.

Iconic Styles

Iconic bunny sneakers, lollipop heels and many other dreamy designs by Minna Parikka became classics the second they hit the streets. These fabulous designs have been worn by Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Cara Delevigne, the Jenners and the Kardashians.  These icons of fashion have conquered the world, empowering other women to be bold.

Brand Ideology

Minna Parikka shoes are known for their impeccable quality as well as their unique designs. Each pair is carefully crafted and finished off by hand in Spain using high-quality materials.

Flagship Store

Minna Parikka Flagship Store in Helsinki was all about empowering women and giving them a premium experience through the playful, surrealistic, fearless design and state of mind.